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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 11:33

2012 is off to a fast start.  Just think, one year ago today we had that epic snowstorm that closed our offices for nearly two days, stranded motorists all over the region and caused many to have aching backs from all the shoveling.

In the next couple of weeks you'll see some great new functionality come to our website that will give our customers the ability to login and do many things currently handled by our Customer Portal.  We'll also be launching a monthly email newsletter and a weekly blog!  

In other news, be on the lookout for the following banner to be riding around the streets of Racine starting in the next couple of days.

Racine Bus Advertising Platinum Systems

Tired of SPAM?  No, we're not talking about that canned meat product either... Take a look at our PtMX Email Filtering service.

Don't want to call in to pay an invoice?  We have implemented a new feature to our website to accept customer credit card payments and hardware/software down payments.  Head on over to to pay your next invoice by credit card.  You just need a credit card, and your invoice or quote number you want to apply payment to.  

Well, that's it for now.  Thanks for reading.

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